• Sonata Semi Buffet Lunch
    Sonata Semi Buffet Lunch
    All You Can Eat Cold Dishes, Salad and Desserts plus a fine selection of main courses are served daily to satisfy your appetite in lunch time! Don't miss out our SUPER DEAL introduced every Monda...
  • Japanese x Korean Deluxe Seafood Dinner Buffet
    Japanese x Korean Deluxe Seafood Dinner Buffet
    Join us on a journey of exploring Japanese and Korean cuisines during Deluxe Seafood Dinner Buffet at Sonata Western Restaurant in January to March!
  • Sonata Dining Offers
    Sonata Dining Offers
    Stay tuned on official website of Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong and take advantage of dining discount at Sonata Western Restaurant!
  • EGGCELLENT Easter Buffet
    EGGCELLENT Easter Buffet
    As the spring is here, the Easter is coming up too! Sonata presents you "EGGCELLENT Easter Buffet" that creates a perfect opportunity for your family and friends to get together for a delicious meal...
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