• Sonata | Taste of Asia Seafood Dinner Buffet
    Sonata | Taste of Asia Seafood Dinner Buffet
    Being a culinary capital in Asia, Hong Kong provides a huge variety of dining options where you can savor tempting gourmet from around the world! This summer, Sonata Western Restaurant features "Tas...
  • Sonata | Dining Offers
    Sonata | Dining Offers
    Stay tuned on official website of Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong and take advantage of dining discount at Sonata Western Restaurant!
  • Rosedale Mooncake
    Rosedale Mooncake
    Rosedale Hotel warmly presents our exquisite mooncakes to our guests. Being 100% local-made with a special recipe, these Rosedale-style traditional treats will certainly be the perfect gifts for you...
  • Sonata | All-You-Can-Eat Lunch
    Sonata | All-You-Can-Eat Lunch
    Delight your day by having an all-you-can-eat Asian and Western gourmet during lunch period!
  • Sonata | Relaxing Afternoon Tea
    Sonata | Relaxing Afternoon Tea
    Relax! What's better than having a tea break in a relaxing afternoon? Come to try our Relaxing Afternoon Tea at Sonata!
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